“ISOPS” is an innovative educational company that has been operating for 7 years. “ISOPS” cooperates with local and foreign companies and organizes various local and international projects, competitions, camps, intramural associations, and courses for pupils and students.

About 1000 students from more than 8 countries and 70+ schools participated in the projects organized by the company in the last year.

Dear Parents,

You are doing everything you can for your children’s future. It is very important to you that they acquire useful knowledge and skills. Not a day goes by without thinking about their future. ISOPS School (International School of Public Speaking) we want to reduce your workload a bit. We are happy to organize a learning trip that will be valuable for your children.

Here they will learn to speak confidently, fluently and creatively, and to communicate properly with large audiences. Here they will find new friends and confidants. You will see a special smile on their face.

Energy will be restored in the spiritual world of your children, burdened with never-ending schoolwork and homework. They will feel better talking about the topics that are important to them.  At ISOPS School, we believe that learning and developing should be fun.

We wish you parents a lot of patience, energy and success in your work!


ISOPS School

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